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About PictureBooks

PictureBooks is a company that believes that the precious photos of your life's milestones deserve to be in a picture-perfect photo book - a keepsafe made with love and care by people who are passionate about making books. As you hold and leaf through your finely-crafted PictureBook, you'll relive those beautiful memories clearly, vividly and with fondness. Indeed, there's no greater feeling than seeing your life in PictureBooks.

PictureBooks is part of CentralBooks. With over 70 years in the Philippine book publishing and printing industry. It is considered the largest digital book printer in the country and is a pioneer in Print on Demand and Electronic Publising services. PictureBooks is the leading coffee table style photo book service in the Philippines. With over 5 years experience in the photo book market, PictureBooks delivers the best quality at the best price. Using the latest state ofthe art in software and printing equipment, PictureBooks delivers Premium World Class Quality at Loca Prices. PictureBooks has
5 retail outlets and is open for franchising and dealerships nationwide

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