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After filling in the form in Step 1, then its time to upload the actual PDF file of your book, calendar or card. We recommend a broadband internet connection like DSL or Cable Modem. Dial-up is not recommended.

Please make sure that the filename is the same as you've indicated in Step 1: Form. (We will be looking for the same file indicated on that form.) Please note at this time you should have a PDF file, if not please see the instructions here. Please make sure your PDF file has been corrected and the file you are uploading is indeed "final."


a. Click on the link below (PictureBooks File Upload)

b. A new page will open the file upload service.

c. Input on Friend's email field as recipient, then your email in your email field as sender.

d. Select the PDF file from your computer and send. It may take awhile, depending on the speed of your connection and size of the file.

Click Here to Upload File

After uploading, we will confirm all the details of your order via email (including the price), and if there is a need will call your landline to confirm your shipping details.

If uploading via the link above does not work properly, please try this alternative upload service. Type in as recipient.

If you encounter any problems please email us: