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We offer the finest specialty papers from around the world. The best in quality, look and feel to elevate and make your photo books truly special. These selected papers are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced, wood free, chlorine free ad FSC certified.

Felix Schoeller e-photoluster
This paper is capable of superior photo reproduction with a brilliance and clarity no other paper on today's market can match. Premium luster finished paper is reminiscent of silver halide prints. Available in 290 gsm.

Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Raster
This versatile coated paper is in a class of its own. Superbly soft, with a high-tech raster texture. This dynamic paper never ceases to amaze. Available in 250gsm.

Fedrigoni Soho Tintoretto Gesso
A special "stucco" treatment delivers the sharp, bright printed results of a coated paper, while retaining the uncoated art-paper appeal. Woodfree paper, Elemental Chlorine Free with a genuine feltmark texture on both sides. Available in 250gsm.

Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl (Polar Dawn)
Sirio Pearl paper boards are colored on both sides with a special metal particle pearly finishing. Made with ECF pulp. Pulp dyed and woodfree. Available in 300gsm.

Fedrigoni Symbol Fusion
Triple blade coated on both sides with a special metal-like pearlescent finish. This paper is certified on both sides for HP Indigo printing process. Environmentally friendly ECF boards, certify FSC. Available in 200 & 300gsm.

Imari Film Matte Opaque
Special PET Film based media, specially formulated for long term durability. Tear resistant and water proof, for near indestructible photo prints.

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