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Having Problems Uploading an Order?

The files being uploaded are usually large in size (70mb to 200mb), depending on the speed of your internet connection, it could take as little as 20 minutes or as much as 2 hours so please be patient. If you're having problems uploading an order via "Send Online" way, you can manually upload your file to us. You can use offline order method. Please see steps below.

Steps in sending order OFFLINE

1. Open your layout file that you wish to order.

2. Under the FILE Menu at the upper part of the screen choose ORDER...(Checking Project it will takes a few minutes)

3. Click the check box: I have read the disclaimer and accept the terms and condition. Then Click the START.

4. Choose ORDER OFF LINE button, then CONTINUE

5. Fill up the Order Form, then press the CONTINUE button. Make sure that you have complete information to your order form.


7. Save it to your DESKTOP. (SAVE TO DISK) it will take a few minutes. Make sure that it's processed per page.

8. You will see this message displayed: "Your order has been successfully saved. Please burn the saved folder to CD/DVD and mail to the following adress:" then press OK.

9. Save your folder to your CD or USB. Or compress it using WINZIP or WINRAR and upload to

Having Problems with your PictureBook and Missing Photos?

It's important to keep your original photo files organized and in the same place as when you laid out your book, when it's time to send the book to us, the software actually looks for the photos at the original location of the files when you added them into the software. If the files have been moved before you finish the book, the software cannot continue since it is looking for the files. Please don't move the files until your book is completely finished and your order has been processed.

Having Problems running the Mac Version?

The Mac version requires that you have the latest Apple software updates for Java. We also recommend at least 1 GB of RAM, close all other open applications while running our software to make sure you have as much memory available as possible. We recommend OS X 10.4(Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard).

PictureBooks MailBigFile Upload

Simply uplaod your folder file to our upload page and leave a note for us. The file may be large depending on the size of your book and quality of photos, so just leave the page open until it confirms that it is done. We will get in touch with your to confirm your order and facilitate the payment process.

If you're still having problems uploading, you can also save the file as described above and move it to a CD or a flash disk and bring it to any of our retail outlets. They'll take care of processing your order.

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